Giovanni Pistucci violins

Giovanni Pistucci was an important maker of the 20th century. He was recognised early on for his talent and went on to learn his craft under the guidance of prominent Neapolitan luthier, Vincenzo Postiglione. Around 1904, Pistucci began making exceptional instruments, often in the style of the Gagliano family and other Neapolitan makers. His work is known as having great personality and its own unmistakable Giovanni Pistucci style, with typical Neapolitan character.

At Bishop Instruments & Bows, we often have several instruments by prominent Neapolitan makers, including Giovanni Pistucci violins. We are experts in matching players and artists of all abilities with their perfect instrument. If you are interested in trying a Pistucci violin, simply make an appointment at our London shop via our contact page and we’d be happy to assist.

Instruments by Giovanni Pistucci in stock

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