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On our Blog posts page you will find a variety of what I do! I hope you enjoy it!


20 years in London……..

Arriving in London in 1992 to start post graduate viola studies at the Royal Academy…

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Instrument & Bow of the Month – February 2024

Piero Parravicini was born in Bovisio, just outside Milan, in 1889. He then moved to…

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Instrument & Bow of the Month – August 2023

William Prior ( Born 1690 Gateshead, died 1759 Newcastle, County Durham UK) is an extremely…

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Instrument & Bow of the Month – July 2023

Giuseppe Sgarbi (1818-1905) A talented luthier who spent much of his life in the city…

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Instrument & Bow of the Month – June 2023

This month, immerse yourself in the world of masterful instrument craftsmanship with two exceptional pieces.…

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Gaetano Antoniazzi, 1894, Violin, Strad Magazine Article

The art of violin making has a rich history, and Gaetano Antoniazzi is a name…

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New Bow partnership with Paul Sadka

Sean Bishop, Director of Bishop Instruments & Bows Ltd is proud to announce a new…

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