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Sean Bishop

After studying violin and viola in Australia and the UK ( Graduate of Melbourne University, Queensland Conservatorium & Royal Academy of Music) I worked with London’s finest orchestras including English Chamber Orchestra, The Philharmonia, BBC Symphony and the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.

During my musical life I have been fascinated with string instruments

Throughout my musical life I have had a passion for string instruments. I was fortunate when growing up to almost live next door to two violin shops and it was this daily contact that influenced me to study all aspects of violin makers and bows as well as pursuing some violin making of my own.

I have a special interest in the modern Italian school of making (Pedrazzini, Fagnola, Scarampella, Ornati, Garimberti etc.) as well as the instruments of JB Vuillaume. Bows are a large part of my business and my selection of new makers is perhaps the finest in the world and of course the great French masters feature in my dealing career.

I have been a regular contributor of articles on instruments & bows to “The Strad” magazine, newspapers and books as well as featuring on numerous television shows as the violin expert including “Put your money where your mouth is” and “Storage Hoarders”.

Tone and quality are both important in musical instruments

My aim is to give all my clients the one-to-one personal service and I take great pleasure in finding you the right instrument or bow for your needs. As a professional musician I am able to play all of my instruments to make sure they are up to the exact standard required by today’s students, amateurs and professionals.

After establishing Bishops in 2004 we moved in 2020 to a new space next door to the British Museum .With an extensive collection ranging from the world’s finest contemporary craftsmen to the old masters Stradivari and Guadagnini, our clients include students, amateurs and professionals of all levels…London Symphony Orchestra, Berlin Philharmonic,Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra, MET Orchestra, Sydney Symphony, Belcea, Danish , Australian,Jerusalem, Carducci, Doric, Kronos, Maggini , Sacconi String Quartets…!

In 2019 I was awarded the honour of “Associate of the Royal Academy of Music” (ARAM) for services to Music.