Stringed Instrument shop in London

London Has a great tradition in fine musical instruments and bows, which was established most notably through the excellent craftsmanship of W. E. Hill & Sons.



Continuing the Tradition of fine instruments and bows in London.

In 2004 Bishop Instruments & Bows established our Central London shop in South Molton Street, just around the corner from where it all started over 100 years previous with W. E. Hill & Sons. In 2010 we moved to a large spacious shop in 2 Hinde Street, with 2 rooms to try out instruments and bows, and with a Bi-Fold door between these rooms we can open it up to a large room suitable for a small concert venue holding 45 people plus grand piano!


Our London Stringed Instrument Shop

Bishop Instruments & Bows stock an extensive collection of musical instruments ranging from the world’s finest contemporary craftsmen to the old masters Stradivari and Guadagnini, our clients include students, amateurs and professional musicians of all levels.


Musical Instruments