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We  sell Violins, Violas, Cellos and their Bows.

Along with this we able to help value your instrument or bow, certify it’s authenticity, recommend insurance and help with CiTes issues.


Instrument Insurance & Valuations

With more than 2000 sales and 30 years as an instrument dealer Sean is happy to help you with an insurance valuation. The market moves extremely quickly and we have seen many string players caught out with old valuations that do not reflect the latest valuations. We offer a while you wait service and charge £60+ vat  for a written valuation. This can be used with all major insurance companies. We can also help you with a better price on your current insurance deal. Please ask.

No fees are charged for insurance valuations if we become your nominated insurance provider. We have links with Lark and Allianz.


With more than 25 years as a dealer of international experience , Sean is happy to write a certificate of Authenticity for every professional high quality instrument he sells in the shop along with bows from the firm W.E.Hill & Sons and Tubbs. These are provided free of charge . If you did not purchase from us we are happy to provide this service and charge £400 per instrument or £250 per bow. This includes professional photographs mounted on our certificate that is contained in our stylish holder

CITES letters


Now more than ever it is getting harder to take instruments & bows cross borders without paperwork. We can help you do this , and yes, we know all the scientific names for Brasil woods!!