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Representing new makers from around the world

Bishop Instruments & bows represent many fine musical instrument and bow makers from around the world. New instruments and bows are going through a revolution. I believe that the standard of making has not been this great in over 200 years! I am regularly seeing new violins and bows that really blow me away and I am lucky now to represent many fine makers from around the world.

Instrument Makers

I have been buying and selling new instruments for the last 25 years. With this experience you can be safe in the knowledge that I sell only the best.

Most of my new makers are Italian…the weight of history seems to dictate this!

some dealers take anything a maker will give them….I buy all my new instruments and thus sell only makers I love.

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Bow Makers

New bows are a major passion of mine and all the new bows I sell are actually part of my own personal collection.

I represent the world’s best.

Silver mounted or Gold. I have a violin, viola or cello bow for you to try……..and maybe buy.

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Play before you purchase

Sometimes people order a new instrument from a maker and are disappointed but still have to buy it… but at Bishop Instruments & Bows we do things differently. Come and try our new makers work. Take it away and if you want to buy it – great! If not, bring it back. We also offer our usual 100% upgrade policy when you want to trade up.

Unrivalled new instruments at fair prices

We have new violins and violas starting at £12,000 and a new selection cellos at £30,000. Our bows start at £750 and I have perhaps the largest selection of new bows in Europe.

Why should you buy a new instrument?

Sometimes as a musician your instrument has taken you as far as it can! Now it’s time to buy a new one! You will know when this happens….

Old or new? again, not easy to say. This is mainly a budget decision. But either way, we can help. I have selected the finest makers only for my shop, in effect, I’ve taken the hard work away for you!

Same with bows. I only sell the best makers. In reality every bow is part of my own personal collection…..for you to try!