Contemporary Violin & Bow Making Exhibition in London

Bishop Instruments & Bows is delighted to announce that we are hosting a month-long exhibition this November, 2018, showcasing a wide range of contemporary Italian violins and bows from around the world. The exhibition will run from November 10th to December 10th, every Monday to Saturday from 10am to 6pm. Appointments are also available for anyone who would like to visit outside of these hours.

This exhibition is a fantastic opportunity to experience fine Italian craftmanship from some of the world’s best living makers. There will be over 50 new Italian Violins  and 50 new bows from the World’s leading makers on display, each of them hand selected by our director, Sean Bishop.

You can see the full details of the exhibition below.


New Violins

As anyone reading my website will know, I just love new instruments!

Of course fine antique instruments are what I sell 90% of the time , But I still get excited at a new violin, viola or bow just made. Well it was a bit of a surprise when the other day I started counting the new violins in my shop and came to the number…..22!!! These are violins by the worlds best makers including , Gregg Alf, Melvin Goldsmith, Roger Hargrave,Roberto Regazzi,Tetsuo Matsuda, Philippe Giradin etc etc… now I had better sell some!

No need for a player to order from these makers 😉 just come and try one of mine!

See you soon. Sean B.