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As an Australian working abroad I am always very happy to help fellow Aussies get their perfect instrument or bow!

If you have read my biog, I grew up in Melbourne, ( spending 6 years at the Victorian College of the Arts) before coming to the UK in 1992 to continue viola studies at the Royal Academy of Music.

While in Australia my passion for instruments was started when at the age if 13 my parents bought me an Italian violin and I wondered what made it so special. From this time I began to hang around violin makers and shops as well as buying the odd violin or three!

In fact when I came to the Academy in 92 I was almost like a mini shop then, I had put all my savings into instruments and bows. In my first month  in London I sold a very fine FN Voirin violin bow to Professor Eric Gruenberg.

Anyway, now having a shop in central London since 2004 I have helped many Aussies pick up some great instruments & bows. Since 2008 I have been a consultant to the Sydney Symphony Orchestra  helping them purchase quite a number of fine instruments for their players.
I visit home most years and usually bring a few nice things with me! I  also have usually 2 or 3 instruments in Australia at any one time available.


At the moment I have a very fine AE Smith violin available in Melbourne. I look forward to hearing from you and am always available for any advice you may need on the instrument Market.