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Vincenzo Sannino Violin

Vincenzo Sannino was a self-taught luthier from Naples who later moved to Rome to continue his career. He was amongst the first to look beyond local traditions for inspiration, experimenting with styles across different regions of Italy and northern Europe. Nevertheless, Vincenzo Sannino still demonstrated an unmistakable talent for making in the Neapolitan style, his copies of older Neapolitan makers being remarkably close to the originals.

Known for his incredibly creative and artistic style, Vincenzo Sannino had a highly successful career and his instruments are very popular even today. Many dealers, violinists and collectors hold a Vincenzo Sannino violin in high regard, particularly his work from the early 1900s.

At Bishop Instruments & Bows, we only bring the finest examples of craftsmanship to our shop to ensure we are providing our customers with the highest quality instruments. We often have Vincenzo Sannino violins in store, hand selected by Sean Bishop to guarantee a high standard. To view the Vincenzo Sannino violins we currently have in store, please book an appointment with us in our London shop or see below.

Vincenzo Sannino Violins in stock