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A violin by the Voller Brothers, Testore copy, London c1910/20

Price range: £50,000+

Made famous by their truly gifted abilities to replicate the work of other makers, the Voller brothers William, Charles and Alfred will forever be remembered as extremely talented makers and highly skilled copyists.

They first started making copies when working for George Heart and Son’s, where their replicas became well-known for being very high-quality and often indistinguishable from the original (apart from the label). When they eventually set up their own shop, the Voller brothers continued to make their remarkably identical replicas and rose to fame after one of their Stradivari copies was falsely sold by a violin dealer as the original. The truth was only discovered after one of the Voller brothers wrote an anonymous note revealing the truth, making it an incredibly famous and historic sale.

Today, the Voller brothers are remembered as being the best copyists and forgers in the world and their instruments are widely sought-after for their brilliant sound and equally impressive performance qualities in concert. At Bishop Instruments & Strings, we sell a selection of the famous Voller brother’s violins, showcasing some of their finest work and craftsmanship.

This violin is an amazing Testore copy that seriously looks like the real thing, sounds like the real thing….and won’t cost the price of the real thing!

Certificate from John Dilworth…author of the Voller book.

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