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A violin by Nestor Audinot, Paris c1890

Price range: £25,000 - £50,000

Nestor Dominique Audinot, born in Mirecourt in 1842, learned the art of violinmaking from his father, Leopold. In 1863, he moved to Paris to begin working for Sebastien Vuillaume, the nephew of Jean Baptiste Vuillaume. He would go on to form his own workshop in 1868 not far from his former master’s location, and upon the death of both Jean Baptiste and Sebastien Vuillaume in 1875, he assumed ownership of both workshops and moved operations to his former master’s location at 17 Boulevard Bonne-Nouvelle. It is highly likely the majority of the late work of Jean Baptiste Vuillaume are actually the work of Nestor Audinot.

This violin is a fine example of his antiqued style and comes complete with a Rampal of Paris certificate.

Sounds great and priced cheaply for a 19th C instrument!

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