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A violin by Eugenio Degani, 1895

Price range: £50,000+

Eugenio Degani was a talented Italian luthier. Born in Merlara Italy in 1842, he learnt the art of violin making from his father, Domenico Degani. In 1872, he opened up his first workshop in Montagnana before moving to Venice in 1888. It is said that he was very influential in founding the Venetian school of violin makers and taught many notable students there, including his son Giulio.

Degani’s skill in violin making demonstrated exceptional craftsmanship and a unique style. At times his instruments would imitate the styles of the old masters, including Stradivari and Guarneri. Eugenio Degani was considered one of the great violin makers of the 19th century, his instruments highly sought-after by musicians and collectors today.

This is an extremely fine example, perhaps the best we have had! It was purchased from Degani by his neighbour! a member of the Karl Bohm family of musicians.

Great robust tone and just so beautiful to look at!

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