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A violin by Enrico Marchetti, 1898

Price range: £50,000+

Enrico Marchetti(1855-1930) is regarded as the best Turin maker of the 20th century. He trained initially with L. Bajoni and G. Rossi in Milan and in Turin he worked with Rinaldi and A. Guadagnini. He won various awards at exhibitions including: Turin 1884, Antwerp & Paris 1885, Paris 1886 etc.  He made instruments on A. Guadagnini’s behalf. Marchetti did fine copies of classical models, specialising in Pressenda and the Neapolitan school. His later works often were copies of more obscure makers. He used good materials and a good transparent golden-orange varnish.

What a beautiful Marchetti!  After Pressenda and Rocca…and before Fagnola…we get Marchetti. This is a near mint example , pre 1900 and just look at the great varnish. Sounds fantastic. Gindin certificate.

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