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A violin by A.S.P. Bernardel, 1865, Paris

Price range: £50,000+

Auguste Sébastien Philippe Bernardel, also known as Bernardel Père, served his apprenticeship in his hometown of Mirecourt. He then moved to Paris to work for the great Nicolas Lupot and then for Charles François Gand. Bernardel set up on his own in 1826, eventually passing the business on to his two sons. Gustave and Ernest Auguste Bernardel later partnered with Charles Nicolas Eugène Gand to form the prolific Gand & Bernardel Frères firm. This firm produced over a thousand instruments and bows over a 35-year period.

Bernardel Père is now remembered as one of France’s greatest makers, having come to prominence during what could be considered the Golden Era of French violin making


This violin, made in 1865, is an extremely pure example of Bernardel pere’s best work. Just look at the beautiful red varnish. wow. Very open in sound, just an all round great violin. Rampal certificate.

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