Roger Hargrave

Born in Leeds, England in 1948, Roger Hargrave studied at the prestigious Newark violinmaking school. On graduating he joined the workshop of W. E. Hill & Sons London, where he worked as a restorer of fine Italian instruments.

During the early 1980s, Hargraves managed Geigenbau Machold’s workshop in Bremen, Germany where he put together one of the biggest and most distinguished teams of bowed stringed instrument restorers in the world.

In 1986 he set up his own business specialising in detailed reproductions and modern instruments inspired by the classical Italian tradition.

One of the world’s leading copyists, Hargrave, has won numerous awards including a coveted gold medal at the International Triennale in Cremona, Italy. His instruments are played by some of the world’s leading professional musicians, concert masters and internationally renowned soloists.