A violin by Giuseppe Ornati, Rocca copy, Milan 1927

Giuseppe Ornati, b1885 d 1965. Ornati can be regarded as one of the finest 20th century makers. Always beautifully made with the finest wood, workmanship and varnish. He worked for Bisiach in Milan from 1903 then working independently from around 1920. He was the luthier for La Scala and also was involved in the Cremona School of Violin making.

This example is one of his finest works. It is double labelled as a G.Rocca copy and as far as we know it is his only copy violin! The violin has a letter from Ornati and also a certificate of Authenticity from Bruce Carlson of Cremona.

“Ornati is one of my favourite makers and this is just one of his greatest works from his best period” Sean Bishop – Director

Price range: £50000+

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