A violin by Eugenio Degani, 1891

Eugenio is the son and pupil of Domenico Degani. He won a gold medal at the Treviso Esposizione. In his later life he employed the makers G. Schwarz, L. Chiericato, and E. Siega. His own son Giulio also learnt violin making and joined Eugenio in 1898. Eugenio was a highly skilled craftsman, and as a result his instruments are of high standard and personality.

“I have always enjoyed Degani instruments, you seem to find one in most orchestras…particularly in my home country of Australia! This example is amongst the finest I have seen. Normal size (He often went BIG!) In excellent condition, with a J&A Beare certificate (Charles Beare). With Degani you get a lot of violin for your money” Sean Bishop, Director

Price range: £50000+

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