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A viola by Philippe Girardin, 1990, C.A.Testore copy , 41.7cm

Price range: £25,000 - £50,000

“Philippe Girardin really is a maker at the top of his game. This Testore copy is actually better made than than most Testore violas…it has a long string length so it’s not for the small violist. Howecer it delivers in tone. Silky and powerful , highly recommended.

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Born in an artist’s family, his mother a pianist and his father a sculptor, Philippe Girardin started  playing piano and violin at the age of six, received  his baccalaureate degree in 1976, studied  sociology studies at the university, obtained his Diploma from the Violinmaking School of Cremona in 1981, he regularly  plays in an orchestra since 25 years, runs two violinmaking workshops in Milan and Neuchâtel with his associates A-D Cardinet, S. Rusticoni and A. Corrochano, does fundamental research on the acoustics of violin for 17 years.

Member of the VSA (USA) and SVGB (CH), he won the following rewards:

– 1983 Laureate (cello) , Louis Spohr Competition, Kassel, Germany

– 2008 Silver Medal (violin) , VSA Competition, USA

– 2008 Certificate of Merit for Tone (viola) , VSA Competition, USA

– 2010 Gold Medal (violin, copy of antique) , Pisogne Competition, Italy

– 2010 1st Prize for acoustics (violin), Pisogne Competiton, Italy

– 2010 Jury’s Special Prize for acoustics and varnish (violin, author’s copy), Pisogne Competition, Italy