A viola by Clifford Hoing, England 1948

41.8cm (16.5 inches) mint condition English viola. Clifford Hoing initially trained as a woodcarver and worked with Eric Gill before taking up violinmaking in 1935; Guarneri Del Gesu “Vieuxtemps” violin and Stradivar “Messiah” violin as models. Fine workmanship and materials. His personal viola model plans were widely distributed for the benefit of other makers. He received a Diploma of Honour at the Hague 1949.

“Clifford Hoing is one of the most famous, English mid twentieth century makers.  He wrote articles about violas for the Strad magazine for many years.  This is the second Hoing viola we have – very good sound and value for money.”

Price range: £5000 - £12000

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