A viola by Walter Mahr, 2003, Germany

Viola by Walter Mahr, 2003, Germany. Since January 2000 Walter Mahr is been a State-Certified Master for making stringed instruments. His expert opinion has been sought by Law-Courts and insurance companies. Walter Mahr manufactures and hires out violins, violas, celli and baroqueinstruments in all sizes. He offers in a wide range of instruments, starting with superior instruments for novice players with a well grained (textured) solid maple back, spruce wood top and ebony fittings, up to top line masterpieces constructed from marvellous textured (grained) maple, selected and well seasoned tonal wood (materials), lacquered each by hand with spirit- or oil-varnish.

“Good advanced student viola”SB

Price range: £0 - £5000

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