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F.L.Pique, Paris, 1800

Price range: £50,000+

François-Louis Pique (1758-1822) can be regarded in the very top tier of French violin making. A contemporary and friend of Lupot, he moved from Roissy IIe de France to Paris around 1787. Pique employed Lupot to make violins for him, Lupot himself moved to Paris in 1796 and the two collaborated closely as seen in their work. Pique Retired in 1818 and died young in 1822.


This violin is a classic example of his best work. With a one piece front (and back!) it is covered in this beautiful golden varnish on a light red reflective ground. Excellent condition with a certificate from Charles Beare during his time at J&A Beare. Pique used to be more expensive than a JBV…so time to buy before that happens again!

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