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Emile Boulangeot, 1927

Price range: £12,000 - £25,000

This is an extremely fine example of Boulangeot’s fine work. He is a maker that has slipped under the radar slightly and can really be seen as great value. Such perfect workmanship.Stradivari model. I just love these violins.

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Emile Boulangeot (1877-1944) worked for some of the finest shops in France, including an apprenticeship to Emile Laurent in 1890, employment with Gustave Bernardel from 1893 and Caressa & Francais until 1909. After taking over the Blanchard shop in Lyons, he also took over the prestigious appointment as luthier to the Lyons Conservatory. This violin was made during the time he was the official luthier to the famous conservatory, and is a classic example of his beautiful wood selection and elegant workmanship.