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A cello by Pio Montanari, Genoa 2017

Price range: £25,000 - £50,000

What a cello! When I first saw this it reminded my of a Enrico Rocca! It’s just all personality. No antiquing , no “made to look old” yet it’s just beautiful. I hope you can see it like I can. Pio is a very important Italian maker . This cello needs a good home.

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Pio was born in Genoa in 1956. He started making instruments in 1978 in Romeo Bellando’s workshop. He is a graduate in Architecture from the University of Genoa. He then followed this up and became a graduate of the Cremona School of Violin making. Since 1995 he has been part of the team of makers involved in looking after the “IL Cannone” Guarneri violin of Paganini.

In 1988 he opened up his own workshop in Genoa where he makes instruments following the Genoese tradition.