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A violin by L. Bisiach, Milan, 1910 , Stradivari model

Price range: £50,000+

“The first thing to say is what a back! wow! The most incredible piece of wood, worked to perfection, thus was the art of Leandro Bisiach. This violin comes with 5 pages of writing from Bisiach himself to the UK owner. But that’s my confusion! He sold the violin in 1929 and states the violin was selected from instruments he made in the white in 1910 (It is labelled 1910) and varnished in 1929. Now, who would believe this? Seems like great marketing! and indeed he was quite keen to state the violin was a classic, possessing a beautiful sonorous  tone, covered in Stradivari like varnish. So whom am I to disagree ! But I have a feeling it’s all 1929!! Anyway, a beautiful violin by one of the greatest makers of the early 20th century” Sean Bishop, Director

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