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A violin by John Wilkinson, London, c1930-50

Price range: £12,000 - £25,000

A very nice violin made by this interesting English maker. Excellent condition, sounds good too.

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John Wilkinson (1889 – 1961)was a violinist-turned-maker, who carried out restorations for and sold instruments through J.&A. Beare Ltd in London for four decades. After an injury sustained in the First World War, Wilkinson lost much of the use of his left wrist. By using a T-shaped splint he was able to learn making and became a good copyist. He is said to have never used his name on a label or a brand, although some of his instruments bear a label ‘John Wilkinson, London, 19__’ later inserted by Beare for sale purposes. He also occasionally used a fictitious label: ‘Gennaro Lanari fecit Napoli anno 19__’.

He is said to have made over 900 instruments, including many violas. His son, John, also worked for Beares