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A violin by Giuseppe Sgarbi, 1885, Italy

Price range: £50,000+

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Giuseppe Sgarbi (1818-1905) A talented luthier who spent much of his life in the city of Modena, Italy, Giuseppe Sgarbi was perhaps one of the last true 19th century makers before “Modern” Italian violin making. Sgarbi’s work is renowned for being high in skill with fine workmanship – something he later taught his son, Antonio.

A unique yet traditional style

Much of Sgarbi’s work was classical in design and inspired by the Cremonese tradition, but he was not afraid to add his own personal flair. Many of his instruments would feature unique characteristics such as decorative designs, which added a vibrancy to his work. A highly accomplished Italian maker, Sgarbi’s violins, violas and cellos are highly sought after by musicians, collectors and investors today.

This violin is typical example of his refined work. Based on a smaller patter violin is still has the punch of Italian tone.

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