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A violin by Giovanni Francesco Celionato, Turin c1730/40 – Head not original

Price range: £50,000+


Celoniatus as he is known, is an extremely rare  violin maker from Turin. It’s hard to work out whom he trained with as his work resembles other makers living in different cities! Amati in Cremona, Cappa from Saluzzo and others. Celoniato’s instruments are relatively rare and show careful, refined workmanship and great skill. The violins exhibit delicately carved scrolls with a deeply-cut neck and usually feature handsome one-piece backs made of a distinctive flamed maple. Strikingly similar wood is found in instruments by Sorsana of Cuneo, which also show a modest but unproven influence of the great Turinese.

This violin was sold by Hills as Andrea Guarneri with a Lott scroll. For unknown reasons, it now has a newish scroll and has been confirmed by D.Gindin as Celoniatus. The instrument has had quite a lot of restoration and this is reflected in it’s cheap price!

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