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A violin by C.Magrini, Bologna, after Pollastri, 1986

Price range: £12,000 - £25,000

Magrini is one of my favourite semi modern Italian makers. This violin is one of his best examples, tonally very impressive. Highly recommended.

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Cesare Magrini began his apprenticeship in the mid-seventies under his uncle, Primo Contavalla, son of Luigi, both of whom were violin makers in Imola, a city near Bologna.
He then successively joined the workshops of Otello Bignami and Ansaldo Poggi in Bologna, Mario Capicchioni in Rimini and finally Giuseppe Lucci in Roma.
In 1986 Cesare Magrini became a member of the  A.N.L.A.I. ( National Association of Italian Artistic Violinmaking), before joining its board of Experts under Giuseppe Lucci’s direction.

Cesare Magrini’s work is inspired by the great classic Italian makers and more specifically by the masters of the Bolognese and Emilian schools such as Pollastri, Fiorini or Poggi.