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A violin by Azzo Rovescalli, c1920

Price range: £50,000+

Azzo Rovescalli (1880-1940) was born in Cremona and commenced violin making with the  Leandro Bisiach workshop and thus met the Antoniazzi brothers, Riccardo and Romeo.  While making his first violins he was also studying as a violinist and seemingly combined both careers ….ending in almost abject poverty when he died in 1940.

This violin carries a Riccardo Antoniazzi label that Eric Blot feels is authentic and that was sold by the Brothers as their own! BUT the signature is Rovescalli signing as Riccardo! Crazy times for violin makers………

Anyway, very pretty to the eye (the lines on the wood are not cracks!) and it sounds fantastic.

Eric Blot certificate.

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