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A violin by Alessandro Ciciliati, Ferrara 2011

Price range: £25,000 - £50,000

Alessandro Ciciliati was born in 1959 in Ferrara, Italy. His passion for the arts led him to the Master diploma at the Acadamy of Arts in Ferrara and in 1982 to the double bass diploma at eh conservatory ‘G. Frescobaldi’.

During his studies he met the famous violin maker Ivano Coratti with whom he studied violin making for the next four years.

His instruments follow the tradition of violin making from the Ferrara school and his personal favourite maker, Ettore Soffritti.


I first met Alessandro when he became a partner in my shop in Koln, Germany 15 years ago! Immediately I fell in love with his fine work…that is very much in the Ferrara tradition. Who doesn’t love Soffritti!!! Ciciliati is well known in Italy as being one maker who really makes great sounding instruments.

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