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A viola by William Prior, Newcastle 1712

Price range: £50,000+

William Prior ( Born 1690 Gateshead, died 1759 Newcastle, County Durham UK) is an extremely interesting and rare UK maker.

I have seen a few violins by him but this is the first viola. Who did he learn off? No information. How many instruments? No idea.

You see what I’m up against!

Certainly he must have known the other great British maker of the time, Daniel Parker as this viola shows too much skill to be self taught or at least someone who has a deep understanding of making (that Parker had).

The main thing to get excited about with this viola is it’s size. No baby 15″ back like you see in so many early English instruments. This is a full, grown up instrument.

The last great English viola by Parker sold at auction for £220 000.

I think I’m being reasonable at half this price £110 000.

The viola will come with a letter from John Dilworth.

LOB 41.7cm

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