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A viola by Luiz Amorim, Cremona, 2023, Ex Primrose Guarneri copy SOLD..NEXT ONE AVAILABLE APRIL 2024

Price range: £25,000 - £50,000

With a sensitive eye to nature’s shapes and textures, inspired by some teachers and the desire to work transforming the materials with his hands was being built Luiz Amorim’s career. Born in Curitiba, Brazil, in 1964, Luiz started his studies in Mechanics, focused in technical drawing and projects, at the Federal Center of Technological Studies in 1979 and Arts – Drawing, Painting and Sculpture – at the State School of Music and Fine Arts in 1985. For ten years Luiz has worked as a professional artist. He has begun his instrument making career in 1995 making lyres and kanteles. By this time, Luiz was learning how to play violin and cello. In 1998, with the need of being in the classical music scenario, Luiz started learning how to make instruments from the violin family with a maestro whose a few months later became his partner. In 2001 Luiz established his own workshop where he and his team are developing a restoration and violin making work that is reference all over the world. In 2018, as a result of his successful career, Luiz opened, in collaboration with his partners, the new headquarter of his workshop, in Cremona.

This viola is a copy of the William Primrose Andrea Guarneri. Size is 41.5cm .Fantastic Antiquing and to play, this viola is a total dream. Open sound, colours, and projection! It has it all. I sold the last Amorim viola to Richard Waters, solo violist of the London Philharmonic Orchestra and this viola is equally fine. I am lucky that each year our shop gets a violin and viola from Luiz. He is a maker that knows about Style, tone and function! A true artist!


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