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A viola by George Panormo, London 1830, 41.2cm

Price range: £50,000+

Wow! What a viola!

Third son of Vincenzo, George (1776-1852) worked with his younger brother Louis in Bloomsbury (Near my shop!!) his work is seldom labelled, indeed this viola is labelled Vincenzo Panormo 1796  and comes with the number 377 on the inside back. To quote John Dilworth ” This instrument is entirely characteristic of the maker, and is clearly modelled on a Stradivari viola, possibly the “Spanish Court” inlaid example 0f 1696, which was in England from 1819 to 1881, and which closely follows in its model and dimensions.”


As an ex violist I am extremely pleased to have this viola for sale. It was made near my shop 200 years ago , was played on by Walter Gerhardt in his recordings with Yehudi Menuhin (see Album cover!) and is without doubt one of the finest violas I have played! – Sean Bishop


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