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A cello by Alessandro Tossani, Cremona 2017

Price range: £25,000 - £50,000

What a Cello!

I have been a big fan of Tossani’s making and this is the reason why. Good clean lines, and an instrument that sounds great. People ask what is the key to a great new instrument and for me it’s technique and personality. You have to have both.

This cello does.

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Alessandro enrolled at the Cremona school of violin making in 1977, and after receiving his diploma from studying with Vanna Zambelli he then went on to work with Bruce Carlson for 10 years. “In 1991 I opened my workshop in Cremona, where I continue the restoration work and the construction of musical instruments of the classical quartet, violins, violas and cellos, which I try to bring to the highest standards of construction quality and sonority. My passion for violin making always pushes me to find the perfect instrument, able to combine beauty and pleasure with the highest possible quality, and it is precisely on this ideal that all my work is founded. Each new instrument represents for me a challenge towards the creation of an instrument that stands out for its uniqueness, its beauty and its sound quality, obtainable only with the dedication, experience and sensitivity necessary to find the unique balance and unrepeatable of every instrument.

I think it is thanks to all this that the quality of my instruments and restoration work is requested by musicians and soloists from all over the world, to whom I try to give back, through my works, all the passion for my job.