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Instrument & Bow of the Month – June 2023

This month, immerse yourself in the world of masterful instrument craftsmanship with two exceptional pieces. First, an Italian violin by Andrea Guarneri, crafted in 1694, boasting a seamless collaboration as English maker John Betts replaced its damaged table around 1790. This remarkable composite instrument showcases their combined artistry and comes in impeccable condition, cherished by a renowned UK concertmaster. Certificates from Charles Beare and W.E.Hill & Sons affirm its authenticity. Accompanying this treasure is a rare bow by Émile Auguste Ouchard, born in 1900. Crafted between 1930 and 1935, this rose gold masterpiece epitomizes Ouchard’s refined style and holds immense collectability. With a Raffin certificate as testament, this bow encapsulates the renowned bowmaker’s legacy.

A Violin By Andrea Guarneri, C1694 – Table By John Betts

Extremely fine Italian violin made by Andrea Guarneri in Cremona 1694, obviously the table suffered some damage and was replaced by the great English maker, John Betts c1790. So often with these composite instruments you get a top that is found to try and fit the body of the instrument…so it’s nice to see in this instance a great maker of the past making a top in the style of the body to fit!

Condition is very good and any restoration done has been first class.

This violin is the property of one of the UK’s finest concertmasters and he has performed in Proms and concertos on this violin for the past 15 or so years.

Certificates from Charles Beare and W.E.Hill & Sons.

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A Violin Bow By E. A. Ouchard, Gold Mounted

Émile Auguste Ouchard was born in Mirecourt in 1900. He started studying bowmaking at the age of 13 with his father, Emile Francois Ouchard. At the time Émile François worked out of the workshop of Eugene Cuniot Hury. After 10 years, the father and son opened their own workshop.

Auguste Ouchard’s work improved over the next decade and he started to distance himself from his father in terms of style and design. Eventually he moved to Paris to establish independently. Between 1938 and 1946 he worked in Paris, branding his work with his own label. In 1942 he won the Grand Prix at the 1942 International Paris Exhibition. At the coaxing of his associates, Ouchard moved to New York City in 1946. He worked at the shop of Lazare Rudié in New York until 1948. Then he was invited to work as an executive at the William Lewis & Son firm in Chicago. Later he moved back to New York, and then finally back to Paris where he spent the rest of his life.

This is an extremely fine example of his most refined work of 1930/35. Beautiful rose gold. Raffin certificate.

Rare example. Highly collectable.

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