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Dealing in and with Lockdown!

Well, for the last 12 months the world has been dealing with Covid-19. I like most, have been trying to avoid it and follow the rules here in the UK. We are now heading towards the end of our third lockdown and as such, the shop has been closed since December. I have been lucky during this time as I was thinking of moving shop as my lease had finished and I found a new place quite easily and it meets all the spec I need.  From my last blog you can see the work we did.

Anyway, we moved in on the 1st December and have yet to have any clients ! I’m visiting the shop once a week (I don’t live in London) to collect mail and sort out odd jobs (just had a state of the art alarm system go in…). I even bought a new kettle. So yes, it does feel a little slow this final (hopefully) lockdown.

I do hope the vaccines will sort the problem, they seem to be working, and I pray all my clients and musicians will be able to resume their musical lives soon, it’s been tough .

We reopen on the 12th April and I will have a drink at the ready for any of my friends that pop in to say hello.

As you can see from my picture, my home office (or dinning table as my family call it) has been my work spot. While not quite as nice as my new office, I still have access to great coffee!