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A violin bow by W.E.Hill & Sons, circa 1910/20

Since its establishment in London in the mid 18th century, the Hill family workshop has flourished for over 250 years as the oldest continuously operating violin firm in England, and one of the most important in history. Under the direction of William Ebsworth Hill (1817-1895), the company was renamed in 1880, when he was joined by his four sons, William Henry (1857-1927), Arthur Frederick (1860-1939), Albert Ebsworth (1865-1940), and Walter Edgar (1871-1905). As leading experts on historic Cremonese instruments, the Hill workshop handled the restoration and sales of the world’s finest instruments and bows.

Particularly known for their bows, W. E. Hill & Sons employed numerous top bow makers, including James Tubbs (1835-1921), Samuel Allen (1838-1914), Frank Napier (1885-1969), Albert Leeson (1903-1946), Edgar Bishop (1904-1943), William Charles Retford (1875-1970), and Malcolm Taylor (1934-2012), among numerous others.

A very fine violin bow made by Sydney Yeoman circa 1920, stamped W.E.H&S, Round stick, 61 grams.

Price range: £1,500 - £6,000

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