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A violin bow by André Richaume

André Richaume was born in Mirecourt in 1905. He served his apprenticeship with Emile Francois Ouchard. After serving in the military, he moved to Paris in 1927 to work for his uncle, Victor Fetique. During this time, Richaume immersed himself in studying the bows of old masters that would be sent to the Fetique workshop for restoration. He became extremely knowledgeable about traditional bow-making techniques and applied them to his own work and restoration.

After Victor’s death in 1933, Richaume established his own shop. He made bows for his own shop and for other Parisian firms, particularly Caressa & Francais.

Richaume always used high quality pernambuco wood for his bows. The influence of Ouchard and Fetique is quite evident in his work, but he was able to develop an original style that is unmistakable. He didn’t participate in many competitions, but in 1955, Richaume was honored with the title “Meilleur Ouvrier de France”.

I have been a big fan of Richaume bows, and indeed the very first French bow I bought was a Richaume.

This bow is a nice example at a good price due to a small repair at the butt of the stick.


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