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A viola bow by Victor Fetique

Born 1872 in Mirecourt (Vosges) Died 1933 in Paris (Ile-de-France)
Victor was the son of Charles Claude Fetique, a violin maker working in Mirecourt. He started his apprenticeship with a member of the Husson family of bowmakers, completing it in the workshops of Maline and Emile Miquel, he then joined the workshops of Charles Nicolas Bazin. In 1901 he entered the workshops of Caressa & Francais in Paris. In 1913 he left Caressa & Francais to establish his own workshop at 72 Rue Myrha, Paris 18 th.

He was awarded ‘Un des Meilleurs ouvriers de France’ (one of the best French Craftsman), his collaborators were; Jules Fetique, Marcel Fetique, Louis Morizot (pere), Andre Richaume, Paul Weidhass.

His stamp is Vtor FÉTIQUE A PARIS with letters of different thicknesses.


This viola bow is an amazing example with the most highly flamed wood…it really should be gold mounted!

Price range: £14,000+

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