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A viola bow by E.F.Ouchard

Émile Francois Ouchard (1872-1951) is the first of the Ouchard bow making dynasty. Also referred to as E F Ouchard, Émile Ouchard began his apprenticeship aged just 14 in Mirecourt, France in 1886 under Eugène Cuniot-Hury taking over his master’s shop in 1910. Émile Ouchard‘s son – Émile Auguste – began to work with him in 1913 and went on to become a renowned bow maker in his own right.

This bow, made in 1930, is a really fine example…very similar to his sons work (I was hoping!) and very strong yet still remains silky in the tone it produces. Weight is 69.2 grams…doesn’t feel light though!

At half the price of his son’s work…this is a bargain!

Price range: £6,000 - £14,000

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