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A Cello bow by J.A.Lamy père, c1895

Joseph Alfred Lamy (“Lamy père” 1850-1919) headed the Lamy dynasty of bow makers in Paris, and was one of the most important French bow makers in history. Born in Mirecourt, he apprenticed there with Claude Charles Nicolas Husson, then worked for the instrument company run by Pierre Louis Gautrot in Chateau-Thierry, where he met Joseph Voirin, the brother of François Nicolas Voirin. In 1876, Lamy moved to Paris to work as F. N. Voirin’s assistant, establishing his own business after Voirin’s death in 1885. Influenced by the bow models of Jean-Baptiste Vuillaume, François Xavier Tourte, and Voirin, Lamy Père developed his own slightly heavier, stronger bow model, while maintaining the delicacy and beauty of his early work. His bows won silver and gold medals at the 1889 World’s Fair in Paris, and he was very influential among succeeding French bow makers, including his student Eugène Sartory. His nephew Alfred Lamy and his sons Hippolyte Camille Lamy and Georges Léon Lamy, known as “Lamy fils”, were also successful bow makers. The bows of Lamy père are extremely highly regarded and sought after by professional players.


Extremely fine example of the last great 19th century French master. 80 grams, super strong. Raffin certificate.

Price range: £14,000+

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