2 Viola bows by Eugene Sartory!

Sartory (1871-1946) is today regarded as the finest bow maker of the 20th Century. His vast output shows an extremely high standard of workmanship that rarely wavered. His bows just work. Every orchestra or ensemble throughout the world will have someone with a much coveted Sartory bow. Over the years we have sold many fine examples, violin, viola and cello bows. Shown here are two viola bows we have now in stock.

The top photo shows a well loved and used bow. Made circa 1920 .The bottom bow (c1930) is more mint condition and they are priced in accordance to their condition. As a long term investment we have only seen a one way graph ..going up in value. I always tell younger musicians to invest as much as they can…the financial, and playing rewards will be high!